Michelle here. Michelle Taylor, if you need a full name. I’ve worked around the medical world for a very long time, and while I cannot say anything on here is direct medical advice for legal reasons, I hope you’ll find it useful and able to help you in your day-to-day life.

My blog began when I wanted to find useful information online for my own health, or to help friends out, but kept encountering an issue where it was difficult to find certain grounds covered in a way I knew was right or that was useful. There are many great blogs out there that are, of course, but there was more misinformation than good info. Sadly, that is still the case, but it seems as though any step we can take as individuals to make an impact is still worth it.

Health is a wide spectrum. There are many areas that go into it. Diet, wellness, mental health, physical ailments. You name it, it can be a health issue. That’s why we need to consider all the different factors before we go on and make any assumptions. Sure, you may have a temperature, but perhaps it isn’t a cold causing it. It could be heat stroke if the sun has been beating down on you all day. It could be sepsis, if you’ve got a hidden abscess or the like. Or, it could just be a hot flush, or you’ve eaten too much spicy food.

The thing is, without these contexts we would miss the cause and perhaps misdiagnose the issue, something no one wants to be guilty of. That’s what I hope to do with this blog.

Speaking of, you may be wondering, why Health 6 Online? Well, it’s because of 6 factors I like to always consider when it comes to health:

  1. What environment do you live in?
  2. Are you sleeping well?
  3. What do your meals look like?
  4. Are you drinking enough water?
  5. Is this something you’ve experienced before?
  6. Can you treat this yourself or do you need medical help?

These six rules can be interpreted in a number of different ways, but it is important to consider that by asking these things we can help get a better view of the situation we’re handling, be it for ourselves or someone else.

In the end, my goal is to help people. If this blog has managed to help even one person out there, then that’s mission complete. The rest is simply bonus.